Friday, September 4, 2009

What colour would you paint or stain this door?

I am getting a new door for our house. There's nothing wrong with the one I have. It's just I've always wanted a craftsman and when we built this house, there was not a craftsman to be found in this town unless I wanted to spend lotsa bucks. I could've gotten a wood one cheaper, but that has no R value. Low and behold, I found a fibreglass door through All Weather Windows AND it's a craftsman with tonnes of R value and a reasonable sticker price. I'm so excited to have found it!

My dilemma is what colour to paint it or stain it?

I think it should be stained either dark mahogany or painted black OR white. I just can't decide. What do you think would look better with the house? Keeping in mind most of the house is grey and white, but I have black accents (mail box, planters, light pole).

AND lastly, on the inside, all of our interior doors are black. So, then should I paint the inside of the door black if i paint the outside white? Help!!

This is my current front door which is stained.

You don't see the front door from the road until you drive right up to the porch. That little mandoor beside the garages is also getting replaced, but not with a craftsman. Unfortunately, this door I found only comes in a 36" and I only have a 32" opening on that door. So, I've found something else for that door. I'm bummed that I couldn't match the two doors. It will be a full lite door with the identical glass as the craftsman.


  1. I've got a thing for red doors - so I can't help with your black or white! Red would really stand out though......
    PS Nice house!

  2. I see your dilemma. I've coveted after a craftsman door for some time now. Not easy to find at all but that Barrington one is awesome. (When we built, there wasn't one to be found AT ALL, I was never happy with what we used)...

    I agree with Karen that red would absolutely stand out but perhaps you have a grandmother or great grandma who would remember that a red door indicates "a house of ill repute" and might flip out (my Granny surely would you know!) so with that in mind (you don't want a call from my Granny) I think you should stain it dark mahogany: classic. It would look sharp with the blue/grey/white combo going on!

  3. Barb! I love your house and your new door!! I LOVE wood doors. Hope you were able to decide on a stain - I'm sure you chose well! Your little ones are absolutely adorable! Hope they get to jump in the pool at least once before it's "closed for the season!" Take care and see you soon! :)