Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I made this!

I had a really ugly septic tank to cover up. A septic tank is one of those very necessary things you must have on an acreage and they ulimately get placed in the worst possible spots. Last year i found something to cover them up. It was a fake rock that just sits over top of the tank! Perfect solution, BUT they were about $600! So I thought, I could make that.
Well, long story short it cost me about $300 to make because I kept running out of expandable foam (at $10 a can) and it quickly added up. I could probably decrease that cost by buying the foam in bulk next time (I didn't know you could buy it in bulk the first time otherwise i probably would have done that, but who knew how much foam it would take to cover a rock this size).
I'm going to make another one for the back yard maybe this winter. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of the progress on my first one, so I will take pictures of the next one. It's kinda like paper mache only on a bigger scale. Basically, you need chicken wire to create the shape of the rock, burlap to go on top, then expandable foam, then tile grout, then paint and varathane.
Here's the before picture of the septic tank.
Viola! Much better.Here's a close up...


  1. I made some tree trunks out of the stuff for my daughter's room... turned out great! Just be careful that you either wear gloves or have the proper chemicals for clean up. Not a pretty situation!

  2. VERY COOOL! You may end up doing a full-on tutorial on these yet, or better yet... organizing a workshop next spring (HINT)